The ACES Framework of Physical Activity Prescription.
About The Project


Together with the Exercise Is Medicine on Campus Group at UBC we hope to change how medical and exercise professionals connect in British Columbia.

achieved through

Creating and open access exercise prescription website which will allow doctors to:

  1. Talk with their patients about exercise habits
  2. Create a Physical Activity Vital Sign when the patients answers questions about physical activity behaviours and preferences
  3. Create an exercise prescription, which is printed or emailed to the patient
  4. Generate a referral to exercise professionals in the community (i.e. Kinesiologists, physiotherapists)

the aces framework

aAsk about physical activity

cCounsel individuals to reduce sedentary time and add activity to their day

eEvaluate for exercise safety

sSend to a Qualified Exercise Professional (QEP) if necessary


Exercise prescription is a new and growing phenomenon. Since the American College of Sports Medicine launched the "Exercise is Medicine (EIM)" campaign in 2007, the concept of physicians prescribing exercise has become widely accepted. However, many doctors say they don't have time to bring it up properly with patients. Exercise prescription app exist online but they are largely targeting physiotherapists and include demonstrations of exercises or specific routines for muscle imbalances. Fitness apps also prescribe exercise in the form of a listed workout, however, they don't take into account the patient's needs or link it back to their health record. We have a St. Paul's Foundation Enhanced Patient Care (EPC) Grant to pilot an open access Exercise Prescription Website.

our group

We are a group of medical and exercise professionals. The Physician leads are Dr. Kam Shojania (UBC Rheumatology) and Dr. Kaila Holtz (UBC PM&R). Other members of the team include a nurse, students from medicine and rehab sciences as well as a web developer, a filmmaker, a web user experience export, and a health care project manager.
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  • Number of web visits
  • Number of prescription reports generated
  • Number of clinics integrating it into practice
  • Increase in exercise behaviour in clinics uploading report to EMR (for grant)

next steps

  1. Launch online platform by Fall 2018
  2. Search for volunteer Social Media content curator
  3. Partner with governing bodies and researchers interested in promoting exercise prescription among health and medical professionals

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The project is funded by St. Paul's Foundation with support of the UBC Faculty of Medicine.

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The ACES Framework of Physical Activity Prescription
Ask every patient every time about physical activity