The ACES Framework of Physical Activity Prescription.
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Current weekly physical activity.

Are you regularly physically active?
Calculate an "Physical Activity Vital Sign" by adding up all the activity you do per week.
Light Activity:
Walking, yoga or stretching, light housework, golf, leisurely sports (table tennis, playing catch) working at a stand-up desk.

Hours per week (to the nearest half hour)

Moderate Activity:
Brisk walking, hiking flat ground, water aerobics, cycling, tennis (doubles), gardening, dancing.

Days per week

Minutes per day

Vigorous Activity:
Jogging, swimming laps, step aerobics, spinning classes, tennis (singles), hiking hills, hockey.

Days per week

Minutes per day

How many muscle and bone strengthening sessions do you do per week?
Lifting weights, resistance band exercises, yoga, heavy gardening or exercises that use body weight like push-ups, sit-ups and squats.
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Current daily sedentary behavior.

How much time do you spend sitting for work or school (in hours): 7

How much time do you spend sitting for leisure (including screen time, eating meals, reading while sitting or lying down etc.): 4

On average how many hours do you spend sleeping (including napping): 7

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Barriers to physical activity.

If you aren't as active as you would like to be, why?

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Patient Goals.

Regular physical activity is a powerful "drug" to improve your health. What are some of your goals with regular physical activity?

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The ACES Framework of Physical Activity Prescription
Ask every patient every time about physical activity